One minute composition

Once I watched a tourist video the still photos in a hotel lobby.  I wondered how those images would be used to relive that moment of the trip.  Sometimes it seems the world is looking through a viewfinder and missing the view.  I am as guilty of the photo obsession as anyone.  Only 24 days into a 35 day journey and Rich and I have shot nearly 6000 images.  Scanning through the collection I found my reward in the following images.  None of these subjects will last beyond the brief moment when we were there.  All were beauty worth capturing....   Continue Reading

Risco Bella Gardens

Love and passion make a powerful combination.  A Belgium man deeply in love with his wife and passionate about gardening built a five level garden encompassing eight acres on the island of Tenerife as a gift to his wife.  Nearly 40 years ago, in the early 70’s both he and his beloved wife had died and this incredible garden was left in the care of their two daughters....   Continue Reading

Fiesta de Flor

Flowers are everywhere in Madeira.  This island has a perfect climate, warmed by Atlantic currents in the winter and cooled by trade winds in summer. This island celebrates flowers, friendship, food and the art of life every April. The town puts out carpets of flowers for visitors and residents to enjoy.  Patterns and paintings done only with flowers run down the center of the cobblestone sidewalks....   Continue Reading

The Willowman

Along the path to the Relax & Heal world of the Floriade Exposition is an opening leading into the woods.  We almost missed it, we almost didn’t walk down the path. Since childhood you worry that in the dark and scary places of life you might not make it back. Something scary could be out there. It could be “Willowman” waiting for you!  Will Beckers  of Belgium, is Floriade’s Willowman, his card describes him as a Land Art Artist.  His medium is natural materials, primarily willow saplings that grow like wild in the wet forest.  Clearing the small trees from the congested forests provide the material for Willowman’s creations....   Continue Reading