Foster Botanical Garden, Oahu, HI

Exceptional, Exceptional trees.  There are so many things to discover in Hawaii and this  small garden is big in delight.  There are 24 officially designated “Exceptional Trees” in this space.  Large, unique, spectacular and astonishing trees are here. In the large category, there are Tamarind, Boabab and Quipo trees.  The Quipo is sleek and tall growing like a silver streak train to the sky.  The unique, includes the blue marble tree and the cannonball tree.  A cannonball tree is truly loaded with heavy, round, brown balls that grow from beautiful orange flowers....   Continue Reading

Limahuli Garden, Kauai

The tour guides try to convince you the only way to see the beauty of Kauai is by helicopter and the Napoli Coast cannot be enjoyed but by guided activity.  Yet this garden will give you a glimpse of all of this in a most enjoyable stroll.  You drive nearly to the end of the road of the northwest shore of Kauai.  The 1000 acre valley garden rises up from the entrance gate.  Lush and green surrounds you.  Mountain peaks and unique plants are well labeled and described in the accompanying booklet provided with your admission.  Plants in Hawaii arrived by wind, water and wing, the garden illustrates these contributions....   Continue Reading

Madeira, Portugal, Island of Flowers

Painting in plants creates art.  This art is the highlight of the Jardin Botanico in Madeira, Portugal.  Landscape design is a combination of texture, color, structure, climate and patience.  An artist working in oil must allow time for the canvas to completely dry.  The garden painter working with a palate of plants must wait for the art to grow.  All this must be done again and again to keep the art of the garden in view.  It is a significant commitment.  As a living creation it requires devotion far beyond the painter using oil and brush.  Once the painting is sent out into the world the painter has little if any further stewardship.  This is not so for a garden creation....   Continue Reading