Digging Deep

Fran Sorin’s 10th Anniversary edition of Digging Deep,

Unearthing your creative Roots Through Gardening 

Author Fran Sorin offers such a clear song of hope in an era of ernest gardening.  This book offers garden guidance, motivation and inspiration to reframe your definition of gardening. So many gardeners are digging in their plants with a fear of doom and food appocolypse in their hearts.  If a gardener isn’t connected to the beauty and randomness of nature in gardening many will give up when the birds devour the first crop.   In these pages find you find a way to weave the everyday joy a garden offers as the essential work is done. You will know flowers are essential to feed the soul. This book will coach beginning gardeners, encourage the discouraged and inspire the devoted. If you are lucky enough to have a small patch of earth to tend, this book will speak to your heart and help you see you are indeed lucky enough....   Continue Reading

A Garden Love Story – Abkhazi Garden

“A Garden is a perpetual reminder that there are no shortcuts to the important things in life”.Princess Peggy Abkhazi 

In Victoria, BC there are many fabulous gardens. The Abkhazi garden is an acre heritage site tucked away in a residential area of Victoria. This garden situated on a rocky ridge overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic mountains. Peggy and Nicholas Abkhazi built this garden over a period of 40 years as an expression of their shared joy....   Continue Reading