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Linda has visited over 900 gardens on four continents, in 35 countries, and all 50 US states following the flowers and walking among the trees. A lifelong lover of flowers, one of her earliest memories is of daffodils lining the small stone path to her grandmother’s door. Linda Larson grew up on a farm in central Indiana and not only pulled weeds out of the peonies each summer, but the nightshade out of her father’s soybean fields. After graduating from Indiana State University with a Master’s degree in Audio/Visual Communication, she went on to make her home in Mesa, AZ, teaching public speaking at Mesa College. 

She couldn’t keep her hands out of the dirt and has an extensive home garden with fruit trees, and over 100 container plantings, which has been included in several municipal gardening tours over the 30 years she has been an Arizona resident. By hosting tours and touring other’s gardens, she was inspired to explore public gardens whenever possible.276__2014Nearing retirement from teaching, she fulfilled the requirements of becoming a Master Gardner and has begun an entirely new career – encouraging audiences to discover the beauty and enjoyment of public gardens at home and in their travels. A columnist for multiple gardening newsletters her column, “Traveling Gardener” reflects her passion for combining two of her favorite pastimes – travel and gardening  – but also highlights the restorative properties for young and old alike when spending time in nature.

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  1. Hi, Linda! In reading about you and thinking about your all-too-brief time at Indiana State, I was reminded of Marianne Moore’s observation that poetry offer the reader “imaginary gardens with real toads in them.” (Or dragons, eh?) Incidentally, Truman Capote was once asked what he was afraid of. He reportedly said, “Real gardens with imaginary toads in them.”

    So glad you came to ISU.


    Ah, yes!

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