Gratitude for Gardens

In this week of Thanksgiving I realize again how grateful I am for gardens.  In this world of war, wild weather, and wandering refugees it is hard to see solutions to such complex problems.  Yet at this very moment I am lucky enough to be able to step outside my home and walk in my garden. I have a place to sit with the people I love, where I can see the sky and be warmed by the sun.   Delighted by wild canaries flying through the view, a light breeze rustles the leaves on the olive trees, and a wind chime plays a trio of notes.  I have clean water for my plants and for my family....   Continue Reading

The Artichoke Project

Late last November I planted two Artichoke plants in a sunny spot in one of my new flower beds. I wanted something to grow fast and add some variety of color and shape to my view. They grew beautifully! By March their silvery-green leaves spiked up vigorously at both ends of the bed providing a framework for the smaller plants between them. The end of each symmetrical leaf was punctuated with a fine thistle tip....   Continue Reading

A Traveling Garden

If you are going to spend a summer in the mountains what sweeter place could there be than “Happy Jack?”  Once again my peppermint twist geraniums summered here escaping the killing heat of their winter home.  So this week we drove up north to collect them in our new improved “geranium transporter” or Honda Ridgeline pick up w/ a topper shell so they can ride protected back to the valley.  It holds nearly 25 pots of flowers with out bending or breaking of stems! Ever so much better than our previous truck!...   Continue Reading