Programs available for booking

The following programs are available for booking.  Exceptional photography, research and insight using original work by Linda.  45 minute programs done with wit, enthusiasm and professional delivery. Contact Linda by email – 

Best View of Our World

Exploring the world one garden at a time is a captivating way to travel. Gardens, both large and small, provide destinations all over the globe offering a sense of place experience. For every garden, those who planted the seeds and arranged the ground have stories to tell: stories of the homes they built, the social structure of the day, the power and struggle required to make a garden. Drawing from personal travel to over 750 gardens in 25 countries and 48 U.S. states this program combines travel adventure and garden stories illustrated with nature’s beauty, curiosities, and wonders.

A Global Journey: Remarkable Trees   

Traveling Gardener, Linda Larson, presents this highly acclaimed seminar celebrating the significance of trees in our world.  Throughout human history we celebrate trees in story, song and verse. Trees are the often overlooked, silent backdrop in our lives, reaching into the sky with little attention from us, yet without trees there is no us!  An inspiring and life affirming story of trees connecting us to the true meaning of life.

Potting up Plants

What does your garden have in common with Giverny, the Desert Botanical, Brooklyn Botanical and Alcazarr Gardens of Seville Spain?  Flower pots!   Call them what you choose—flowerpots, plant pots, containers or tubs—pots brought our garden plants from all over the world to our own little spot of earth. The pots we find in our gardens today are the result of the evolution of available materials for making pots, plant science and style. Enjoy an illustrated story of “Potting up Plants” with a look back into the history of flower pots, the changing fashions and garden wisdom provided by these vessels.  Beautiful images from gardens of North America and Europe,  will be presented.


The Art of Gardening:  Public and Private Masterpiece Gardens

Traveling Gardener, Linda Larson, walks us along the garden path found in art masterpieces and masterpiece gardens leading to the garden outside our own door.   This program reveals gardens found in art; visits masterpiece gardens grown as a work of heart; and helps us see how our own gardens grow better with art. Join her as she travels to some of the most influential gardens on museum walls and around the world.


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  1. Hi Linda, I’m interested in your Best View of the World lecture for Dunn Gardens, a 100+ Olmsted-designed garden in NW Seattle. What is your availability for this fall or early in 2020, and what is your fee? Thank you.

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