Floral Beauty in Amarillo

I don’t know much about Texas and I will admit if I am not paying attention I find it easy to confuse Amarillo and Armadillo.  Amarillo is a town with a proud history of quarter horses and cattle.  The scent of cattle reminds you of their importance in the economy today.  Yet the moment you step inside the fragrance garden of the Amarillo Botanical garden the scent of chocolate flower surrounds you and you realize you are in an incredible gem of a garden....   Continue Reading

A Survivor Tree

I wanted to see the survivor tree at the memorial plaza of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building, the site of the  Oklahoma City bombing.  This tree was buried under the rubble of the building debris that fell April 19, 1995.  This American Elm tree showed signs of life when it was uncovered by the clean up workers months after the bombing.  A sign of life so significant that it inspired so many then and continues yet today.  It is in the center of a plaza space to representing  regrowth and healing....   Continue Reading

A Seat in the Garden


Gardeners love mornings, especially Arizona gardeners.  Early morning is an inviting time to be among the blooms, buds and shrubs, enjoying the changes each day brings to our own little gardens.  Morning is the time for me to take a cup of coffee to my favorite seat in the garden.  I have a little bench that I return to again and again.  Seated here, I can watch the sunrise and the sky change colors between the branches of the 30 year-old olive tree in the east corner of my back yard....   Continue Reading