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Don’t Miss Linda Larson!

November 6, 2022

25 February 2016

I had the privilege of hearing Linda Larson speak twice last week, during the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, on Remarkable Trees and on Public and Private Masterpiece Gardens, where she provides great perceptiveness about gardens through the ages via famous paintings. I was mesmerized by both talks. Linda researches her topics thoroughly bringing both accurate information and personal insight to her audiences. She has truly mastered the art of modern slide show presentations, creating a beautiful and logical progression through her lectures using fabulous photos. She prepares her script carefully and matches it to the flow of images—sometimes, it’s almost like poetry. Linda is, with a doubt, one of the best speakers I have ever heard.

Avatar for Laura Watson,
Laura Watson,

Imaging nature

November 6, 2022

20 March 2015

Listening to Linda Larson speak of gardens she has visited as the Traveling Gardener ignites the wonder of nature in a remarkable way. One does not have to be either a gardener or a traveler to be transported to a place of beauty, tranquility, and awe through the beautiful photos of the gardens, flowers, and vegetation. Linda invited us to travel with her, hear her stories, and marvel at the wonder nature is as she narrated our journey through so many gardens of the world. Linda’s enthusiasm and joy for the beauty natures provides and which has been cultivated all over the world is what makes this program memorable and this speaker inspiring.

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Loretta Kissell,

Best speaker I have heard in over 20 years

November 6, 2022

8 July 2014

What a wonderful talk Linda Larson gave to our group–The Inland Empire Gardeners in Spokane, WA. She was one of the best speakers I have heard in over 20 years of monthly speakers! Her talk on “Remarkable Trees” was knowledgeable, well presented, and inspirational. Her voice melodic and personally left me with a sense of peace and well-being. We would have her back to speak to us in a heartbeat.

Avatar for ViAnn Meyer, President, The Inland Empire Gardeners
ViAnn Meyer, President, The Inland Empire Gardeners

Extraordinary Trees

November 6, 2022

My husband and I were privileged to hear Linda Larson of Phoenix speak on the subject of “Extraordinary Trees.” We had been told that it would be well worth our time, but we were still amazed by the presentation and by Linda’s powerful communication skills. Two weeks have passed, but it is still very much with us. Linda’s approach was comprehensive. There were facts about the wide variety of trees; their importance to life around the world; their effect on the human psyche and the way they have become embedded in our childhood dreams, our literature and our art. The presentation was technically superb with beautiful, sharp photographs on strikingly colorful backgrounds, and artistic fades from one to the next. Also embedded was a subtle but stirring call to action to save and promote these deeply important parts of life around us. We hope Linda’s intelligent and beautiful work will be made available to many, many audiences. They will be the richer for it.

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Pat Schutjer

Your presentation was amazing!

January 18, 2023

On behalf of the Gold Canyon Garden Club and the Superstition Mountain Master Gardeners, we would like to thank you so very much for your fabulous presentation at our meeting on Tuesday!

Your photos were beautiful, the ideas they brought forth were great, and the way you incorporated the photos and history in to your presentation was amazing. You have visited so many wonderful locations that so many of us will never have the opportunity to see… thank you for bringing us those beautiful images of the world!

Avatar for Tricia Schaeffer
Tricia Schaeffer

Thank you!

January 18, 2023

Gold Canyon garden club wants to thank you for your very special presentation to our garden club and Master Gardener members. I have waited many years to hear you speak and was so pleased—your talk was informative and enjoyable. Nancy M for Gold Canyon Club

Avatar for Nancy Montgomery
Nancy Montgomery

I had no idea how much fun garden pots could be!

November 26, 2022

Linda spoke at our Laguna Beach Garden Club monthly member meeting November 2022. Linda is an energetic, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker. What a delightful and educational talk she gave! So many beautiful pictures and ideas on how to enhance your garden space with pots, pots and more pots. And how to use things that aren’t officially pots to add so much whimsy and charm to a garden.

Definitely a hit with our discerning membership. Thank you Linda, for entertaining and educating our members!

Avatar for Jane Leary
Jane Leary

Response from A Traveling Gardener

What a great club Laguna is! Loved the Limerick written for my introduction: How many gardens has Ms. Larson seen?

Dover to Yonkers and ones in between

She’s traveled the world

Catching blossoms unfurled

The answer’s nine hundred seventeen

Experience a flower or a bee

Live, in person, not DVD

Discover on earth

What stillness is worth

Gardens whisper, “Come explore me.”

Nancy Englund

A learning opportunity, full of beauty.

November 6, 2022

3 March 2021

Linda, what a wonderful presentation full of insights and beauty – a great combination.

This historian glad to be reminded of the importance of plants across the centuries, and the importantce of the container to move them is seldom mentioned.  Your presentation showed such a variety, of all kinds.

Great to see you looking healthy and obviously enjoying your role as a gardener who share what you have found with others in a way that is not only a learning opportunity, but full of beauty.  Not many presenters do that last part

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Betsy Hertzler,

Entirely New Perspective on Flower Pots

November 6, 2022

2 March 2021

I listened in on Linda’s presentation “Potting Up Plants” (presented via Zoom on 3.1.21) What an interesting and fascinating look at the humble flower pot and the role it has played throughout history! The spoils of war really weren’t all gold and spices as we are led to believe in our history lessons, but the trees, plants, fruits, and other vegetation carried all over the globe centuries ago.

Any group would find this incredibly interesting and informative (and entertaining). The photographs are luscious and a history lesson in themselves: with ancient granite pots or the fact that there is an actual recipe for terra cotta pots.

I highly recommend this or any of her other presentations. She “digs deep” (couldn’t resist) into gardens and how to enjoy them no matter where you are.

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Susan Green

Captivating Presenter

November 6, 2022

25 March 2020

I have heard many speakers and seen many powerpoint presentation. Linda is so professional. Her stories and slides mesh perfectly. You can tell she put a lot of thought and preparation into the presentation.

Avatar for Maureen Decindis,
Maureen Decindis,

Fun and informative at the same time!

November 6, 2022

29 February 2020

Linda spoke to our garden club on the history of pots. Her delivery style was delightfully engaging, providing interesting perspectives accompanied by beautiful photographs. Fun and entertaining!

Avatar for Kim Rosenlof, President, Tempe Garden Club
Kim Rosenlof, President, Tempe Garden Club

Entertaining and Educational

November 6, 2022

27 July 2019

Linda has provided our group (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Indiana State University) with three presentations. Each one was outstanding for many reasons.

First of all, Linda prepares carefully and is thoroughly informed. With some speakers, you feel that they are telling you all they know on a topic. With Linda, you always feel as if she could say much more if only she had the time. This extensive knowledge makes her perfectly able to answer virtually any questions. In addition, she laces her speeches with wit and humor as well as charming personal anecdotes.

Avatar for by Shery Dailey,
by Shery Dailey,

Lots of BIG ideas!

November 6, 2022

25 June 2019

Linda’s presentation of Art of Gardening inspired me to think big about the options for my own garden. Her images from gardens around the world displayed so many ideas that I could adapt right now. Entertaining examples, great sense of humor, she put on a terrific program!

Avatar for Susan,


November 6, 2022

7 May 2019

Linda spoke to the Inland Empire Gardeners in Spokane, WA. Her talk was very interesting, and the photographs were amazing. She has inspired me to go to New Zealand to the Taranaki Garden Spectacular along with several other places.

Avatar for Carol McKenny,
Carol McKenny,

Awesome Presentation

November 6, 2022

7 May 2019

Linda Larson presented at the Sun Lakes, Arizona Garden Club and was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. The extent of her travel and the number of gardens that she has visited and described in vivid detail was amazing. Linda is very inspiring as to applications for my own garden and for making garden viewing a top consideration when selecting vacation destinations. I highly recommend Linda Larson for your next garden club or gardening event.

Avatar for Vicki Merrill,
Vicki Merrill,

Spokane talk

November 6, 2022

5 May 2019

Linda is a superb speaker – knowledgeable, witty, great photos and a wonderful fun person. One of our large garden club’s favorite speakers!

Avatar for Della Meyer,
Della Meyer,

Engaging, humorous & delightful presenter

November 6, 2022

3 May 2019

Linda Larson’s enthusiasm for traveling through gardens captivates her audience as she shares her experiences and wonderful slides/pictures of some of the most interesting gardens throughout the world. Traveling through gardens presents a different way to experience adventure. Engaging, humorous and delightful presenter. And did I say enough about her and her husband’s photography, must say it again… pictures are beautiful.

Avatar for Kay Dixon,
Kay Dixon,

Fantastic and Engaging

November 6, 2022

31 May 2018

Linda was absolutely fantastic and engaging! Through her presentation about her favorite world gardens she was able share her enjoyment and love of gardens and travel with every person in the room. Everyone walked away from the presentation wanting to go on our own garden adventure.

Avatar for Michelle Bennett,
Michelle Bennett,

Stellar presentation

November 6, 2022

May, 22 March 2018

Very engaging and informative presentation. Not only do you become informed about the voice and energy of trees, you learn how to become an advocate.

Avatar for Kathie Smith
Kathie Smith

The Art of the Garden

November 6, 2022

9 March 2018

Linda recently spoke at our local garden club in Sun Lakes, AZ and shared her wonderful presentation of “The Art of the Garden”. I have seen many of Linda’s presentations and each one is unique and extremely interesting. She is one of those speakers who will keep you engaged throughout the entire program. I have left every one of Linda’s presentations with new knowledge and an increased admiration for her dedication and professionalism.

Avatar for Judy Tolbert,
Judy Tolbert,


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