Programs available for booking

The following programs are available for booking.  Exceptional photography, research and insight using original work by Linda.  45 minute programs done with wit, enthusiasm and professional delivery. Contact Linda by email – 

The Art of Gardening  

Since Gertrude Jekyll declared creating a garden is a fine art equal to painting or sculpture, gardeners have eagerly used elements of color, line, form, and composition. So it’s only natural the art masterpieces of gardens on the walls of great museums and masterpiece gardens throughout the world influence our own backyard gardens. Indeed our gardens become our living artistic creations: and like art, affect us, move us, and touch our emotions. As a result, we turn to gardens not only to nourish our bodies but also for conversation, recreation, and to restore our spirit. Illustrated with original images from public and private gardens around the world highlighting ideas to delight and inspire listeners to design their own masterpiece gardens.

The Best View of Our World: Through a Garden!

Gardens provide perfect destinations. Indeed, exploring the world through gardens is a captivating way to travel. Every visit reveals stories about the challenges to create a garden as well as the gardeners who plant the seeds. In a garden, you discover the architecture, the power & social struggles of the time.  Weaving stories from personal travel to over 800 gardens in 31 countries this is a visual adventure that will inspire you to venture down garden paths. Exploring the world one garden at a time this program is illustrated with nature’s beauty, curiosities, and wonders.

Potting Up Plants

Since the beginning of time plants have moved around the world. Call them what you choose—flowerpots, plant pots, containers or tubs—pots brought plants from all over the world to our own little spot of earth. The pots we find in our gardens today are the result of the evolution of available materials for making pots, the development of plant science, and even fashion.

“Potting up Plants” is an illustrated look into the rich history and various styles of flower pots as well as the universal garden wisdom provided by these vessels.  Beautiful images from gardens of the world will be presented by columnist Linda Larson, A Traveling Gardener, wandering, wondering noticing. . . .  Linda has traveled to over 800 gardens in 31 countries and all 50 United States.  She is always trying to find room for just one more flower pot in her home garden.   

Remarkable Trees


Please join me on a journey as we encounter remarkable trees from around the world. Trees grow older, bigger and stronger than anything else in our world. They feed us, shelter us, make us oxygen, amaze us and sometimes annoy us.  Throughout human history, we have celebrated trees in story, song, and verse. Yet trees are often an overlooked, silent backdrop with their limbs reaching into the sky, yet without trees, there is no us!  This program is an inspiring and life-affirming story of the importance of nature in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Programs available for booking”

  1. Hi Linda, I’m interested in your Best View of the World lecture for Dunn Gardens, a 100+ Olmsted-designed garden in NW Seattle. What is your availability for this fall or early in 2020, and what is your fee? Thank you.

  2. I am a Master Gardener in Loudoun County, Virginia, which is outside Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Each year, we host a one day Garden Symposium for about 200+ people.

    Would you be interested in giving a presentation? Are you available on March 21, 2020? What is your speaker’s fee?

    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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