Linda Larson
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The Traveling Gardener, Wandering, Wondering, Noticing… [Kindle Edition]


American Horticulture Society, Reciprocal Membership,

BCGI  Accredited Botanic Gardens International

Reading Lists 

List Author
1001 Gardens to See Before You Die Rae Spencer-Jones and Elizabeth Scholt
The Joy of Exploring Gardens Lonely Planet
Creation, An Appeal to Save Life on Earth E.O. Wilson
Everything You Can Do in the Garden Without Actually Gardening Phillapa Lewis
Gardens Across America, Vol. 1 & 2 Spencer & Russell
In Praise of Slowness Carl Honore
Is There An Ecological Unconscious? NYT Magazine, 1-31-10 Daniel B. Smith
Last Child in the Woods Richard Louv
Natural Happiness, NYT Magazine, 4-19-09 Paul Bloom
Onward & Upward in the Garden Katherine S. White
Spiritual Cleaning Peg Streep
To Be Healed by The Earth Warren Grossman
Yard Full of Sun Scott Calhoun

Tips for enjoying your visit.

Early morning and late afternoon are great hours in the garden. Less crowded!
Never miss the Children’s Garden!
Sit a spell.
Carry a small snack & some water.
Don’t wear yellow, bugs love that color!

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