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Wandering through gardens. . . .


Fascinated by Flowers, Buchart Gardens, Victoria, CA  

For over a decade, I have traveled in 40 countries, all 50 US states and visited over 950 gardens.  I advocate for the importance of public green space and the value of nature in our lives. Whether your travels take you to the south of France or the south of Florence, AZ, there are spectacular gardens to visit everywhere.  Highlighting the travel opportunities of visiting distinctive landscapes filled with art and architecture, the sense of place and the human benefit of time spent in nature, 

I offer programs for all audiences.  Part travelogue, part inspiration, and motivation, the Traveling Gardner program is an invigorating prescription for anyone intrigued by nature, travel, and the environment to consider the revitalizing quality of garden visits. Garden clubs, community groups, and other audiences leave inspired to add these often overlooked treasures to their itineraries.


Linda Larson

“A Traveling Gardener 
    wandering, wondering, noticing. . .
Master Gardener
Gardening in Mesa, AZ
Faculty Emeritus, Communication
Mesa Community College,


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  1. 12/29/19
    Dear Linda,
    I just had to take a moment to write and say how incredible your Traveling Gardener articles are….the photography exquisite! The commentary so fresh and thoughtful. I want to visit every one of these garden areas, though your work makes me feel like I am really there. Thank you for sharing your love of gardens in such a beautiful, heartfelt way.

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