Floral Beauty in Amarillo


I don’t know much about Texas and I will admit if I am not paying attention I find it easy to confuse Amarillo and Armadillo.  Amarillo is a town with a proud history of quarter horses and cattle.  The scent of cattle reminds you of their importance in the economy today.  Yet the moment you step inside the fragrance garden of the Amarillo Botanical garden the scent of chocolate flower surrounds you and you realize you are in an incredible gem of a garden.

This tiny 4 acre garden is just packed with fabulous elements of a garden that anyone would love to take home and put outside their own back door.  The first thing you see is the courtyard shaded by cedar elms trees.  The in-ground beds of impatients in pinks and purples are in full bloom.  From here you walk into the butterfly garden filled with unique and beautiful garden art.  Enameled steel butterflies stand among the flowers.  Iron entry with butterflies flitting above, their wings accented with multicolor glass marbles. The perennial garden is lush and colorful.  There is bright green dill, russian sage with its purple spray of blooms, cone flowers and rudbeckia in bloom.  Lavender, parsley, hollyhocks and zinnias fill in the terraced spaces.

An edible garden is just beginning to grow, though the artichokes were ready to steam and serve with cheese sauce for dinner tonight.  A waterfall tumbling into a small pond has a great display of blooming water lilies.  There is a small xeriscape area and a desert garden with agaves and cactus.  All of these gardens could be replicated at home.

Beyond these beautiful spaces are a terraced concert area backed by the conservatory of tropical plants.  A fiddle playing frog welcomes you to this space.

The garden adjoins a city park, and lake. This is a welcoming garden full of beauty and unique elements that will surprise and charm you.

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