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I wanted to comment on todays speaker. I think this is perhaps the most polished,professional speaker in the 3 yrs since I have been involved.  Kudos!  Monte

Hi Linda,   Everyone loved your presentation.  Carol

Loved your presentation.  Ordered your book on Amazon,  Thanks again for your time to come to present to our group.  Hope our paths cross again soon.  Myrna

Linda Larson presented “Remarkable Trees” at our closing luncheon.
Linda’s presentation was informative, professional and spiritual. The usual chatty group of gardeners sat spellbound throughout. From the comments, I’m proud to report, “They loved you, Linda!”  Thank you Linda and Rich (photographer extraordinaire) Larson
for doing such a splendid job.  Arizona shines, thanks to you.  Carol

I love your Traveling Gardener. It always makes me slow down and relax. Sue

Linda Larson is a gifted presenter who pairs stunning photos with an inspiring message. Linda is a Master Gardener and Garden Club member who delivers an unforgettable presentation with universal appeal. Arizona is truly blessed to claim Linda as their own.
Carol Parrott, Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs President 2011-2013 

Your talk was so fantastic! It was a combination of beauty, information, thoughts, and inspiration — all put together in a wonderful experience for the audience. I absolutely loved being there. You present it in a welcoming way — it is professional, yet friendly, thoughtful and encouraging others to see trees in a meaningful way. It opens eyes! It’s really marvelous — a gift to the listeners. I’m so glad to be among them! I just admire it so so much! Ruth

Linda is a phenomenal speaker, so motivational on her subject of trees that I canceled my “tree cutter” who was to come the following day to destroy/remove my olive tree! Instead I had it pruned/shaped and will have the blossoms taken off so it is not messy with olives all over. The slide presentation was informative and such great pleasure to see the variety of trees and she spoke with such clarity. The evening proved to be more spectacular than I anticipated. Jeanne

Kudos to Linda for a remarkable presentation about Remarkable Trees on Thursday. Friday’s mail brought an offer from one of our investment companies:convert to paperless quarterly statements, they’ll plant a tree. Goal: to plant 10,000 trees in urban areas. I’ll do it!!! Joe & Susan

It was good to hear a presentation on trees, a vital part of our natural world, that inspired us to respect and acknowledge what we often take for granted. Mrs. Larson chose words and quotations carefully to invoke the wonder of trees. She took us through the many ways– physical, emotional, and spiritual—that they benefit our lives. The accompanying media was especially artistic and visually a chance for us to experience the varieties of trees, the sites and occasions of honor (e.g. Trade Center survivor), and the simple joy of walking and gathering in shade. I would enjoy this program a second time. It has appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Jeannette

I see gardens in a whole new way because of you! Marcia

This isn’t just about gardens it’s about life. Mary

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. We just Loved it. Kelly

Truly an outstanding presentation. It was inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you for allowing us to “travel” with you! Donna

I enjoyed your presentation last night so much. Thank you again. . .it continues the beautiful message about trees that you shared with us last night. Rose

Your Traveling Gardener presentation to our club is still talked about as one of the highlights of the year. We would certainly enjoy hearing from you again. Bob

A belated thank you for your inspiring talk on gardens; because of your advice to take in gardens even if it is a rainy day; I kept plans to take in Boyce Thompson this past Monday. How amazing it was, the Queen Creek was running, I shared the garden with 4 other people, the cardinals were having a hay day, apparently they favor the rain also. The river running made for the most amazing sound, the rest of the world I fear may have missed. Debora

I enjoyed it so much! The pictures were fabulous. Kathleen

It was wonderful, it is just the best presentation we have ever had! Nancy

This is a terrific presentation for garden clubs, for anyone really! Beth

I loved your presentation last night. Great photos and your words were very heart felt! So glad I was there to hear & see it. LeeAnn

What a great job you did last night. Patty
We did have a very pleasant visit to the Greek Monastery–what a HUGE amount of work they have accomplished in 15 years. The churches/chapels were just as amazing as the gardens!! Thanks for encouraging us to get off the beaten track and venture to Florence!!! Susan

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