Garden Conservatory – A Crystal Palace

It is citrus season.  Outside my door the oranges are ripening on an overloaded tree providing a surplus of the sweet fruit. If you don’t have a tree right outside your door, you can still find an abundance of the succulent fruit right down the street at your supermarket....   Continue Reading

Roma Street Parkland

It is said that great cities have great parks and as I travel I see this proved true again and again.  But I would add, great cities have citizens who realize the value of their parks and come to them to rest, relax, revive their spirits and reconnect to the important things in life.  Here I saw a father pushing his son in a stroller.  As he passed the mass single color plantings of pansies his little boy practiced identifying his colors, yellow, blue, green.  The father praised the little guy  and together they shared a simple moment made more beautiful in the garden. ...   Continue Reading