Foster Botanical Garden, Oahu, HI

Exceptional, Exceptional trees.  There are so many things to discover in Hawaii and this  small garden is big in delight.  There are 24 officially designated “Exceptional Trees” in this space.  Large, unique, spectacular and astonishing trees are here. In the large category, there are Tamarind, Boabab and Quipo trees.  The Quipo is sleek and tall growing like a silver streak train to the sky.  The unique, includes the blue marble tree and the cannonball tree.  A cannonball tree is truly loaded with heavy, round, brown balls that grow from beautiful orange flowers.


The spectacular includes Talipot palm with fronds at least 20’ wide. The rainbow bark Eucalyptus in red, greens and brown colors is  beautiful work of art.



The astonishing are the Cycads who outlived the dinosaurs, and the Bo tree, a descendant of the very tree under which  Buddha found enlightenment.

There are orchids, bromeliads, lilies, and heliconias but truly the trees are exceptional.

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