Lilacs in Southern California

The lilacs are blooming in Descanso Gardens in La Canada-Flintridge CA.  Lilacs need a cool season to generate their blooms in the spring. The cultivars in southern California have been adapted to this climate.  The beauty of these delicate blooms  is  compounded by their varieties of color in lilac lavender, deep purple, pink, and white.  The scent of lilacs generates so many responses from visitors.  One woman inhaling deeply, declared, “this is my childhood, I grew up with these all around my house.”  Another remembers a Grandmother’s house and smiles wistfully at the memory.

One woman was discovering this scent for the first time and “wow” was all she could say.

One year driving from Arizona to Minnesota we followed the lilac blooms.  Leaving in late May  we found the first blooms in Show Low, AZ.  Then again in Sante Fe, NM.  As we drove North spring arrived  later and the lilacs bloomed in tune with spring temperatures.  Three weeks of discovering lilacs.

Scent is such a strong sense connected to our memories. One whiff and it puts you right back where you were when the experience first occurred.  I’m going outside and sniff the air and find the scent in my garden.

4 thoughts on “Lilacs in Southern California”

  1. Please I want to plant 1 or 2 they are my favorite flower. I live in Glendora. Which ones are for this area??? Thank-you!!

    1. Lilacs only bloom in early spring, so I expect you have missed it this year. Still the varieties are labeled at the garden and you can ask question of the docents there. Best of Luck

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