Marigolds on Main Street

St John, New Brunswick, Canada

A spectacular fall day with bright blue sky and strips of white clouds floating about, the temperature is 70 degrees and I hear a story of marigolds.  St. John is alive with orange and yellow marigolds along the main street.  Elementary school children have been planting marigold seeds in their classrooms each spring for the past 14 years.  Watering the seeds and overseeing the plants growing into strong little plants.  Students then gather at the end of school to plant the flowers in their community to enjoy all summer long.  According to H.P Smith writing for the Telegraph Journal.  “I think it shows that we’re close to a generation of children who have made changes in our community,” Barry Ogden(founder of the event) said, adding that many children, while learning, ask themselves questions about why they learn.

“In this case, they’ll see why. They’ll see all these young children in elementary school coming out and doing something good for the community. It’s the creation of hope, opportunity and it empowers people and that’s what education is about.

Over 40,000 marigolds are planted by 1000 students and 100 volunteer supervisors each year.

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