Self-Realization Fellowship, The Lake Shrine

Pacific Palisades, CA

Peace and serenity are found here.  In 1950 Paramahansa Yogananda opened this ten acre site.  “This shrine is dedicated to all religions that all may feel the unity of a common faith in the Fatherhood of God.”

If spiritual contentment is what you seek study and enlightenment can be pursued, with permission,  as a student here.  If garden delight is what you seek, wander in and away from the hub of traffic and stroll these beautiful grounds.  The center of the garden is a spring fed lake surrounded by a natural amphitheater.  Terraced gardens along the  path circling the lake are lush with color and texture.  During my visit there was moisture in the air and droplets of water on the leaves.

The most calming place for me is the grotto of lush green plants covered by a lattice canopy of vines.  It is a most beautiful space for sitting, reflecting and enjoying shades of green and white.



The teaching of Paramahansa Yogananda encourages the goal of every religion which is a connection to God.  As such in the Court of Religions there is a monument to the five principle religions of the world.  Statuary representing great teachers of many faiths are honored in areas throughout the garden.



I like these gardens and I like the idea of finding respect and common ground for all faiths in a garden.

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