Sierra Azul Garden, Watsonville, CA

A friend said, “since you are in the area you might want to check out Sierra Azul Nursery on your way up.”  So we thought we could squeeze it in for about 30 minutes.  After all, I’m traveling so I can’t buy any plants, and it is only two acres of gardens.  But our thinking was way off base because this is a wonderful nursery with a great variety of plants, helpful advice, and information.  It is also a demonstration gardens of plants matured and interwoven through a natural setting not unlike one could do in their own garden.  It is also an art gallery every year from May 31 thru Oct. showcasing art for the garden.

Organized by the Pajaro Valley Arts Council there are 53 artists and 153 sculptures on display.  There are works in steel, wood, ceramics, glass, mosaics and combinations of all.  It is beautiful, creative and inspiring.  It stops you midstep as you wander through. Here are only a few.




If you are in the area you want to check it out!  Allow yourself plenty of time and see if you can leave without taking something home with you.

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