Sunflowers in Song

Behind the sunflowers, Mr. Peepers is birdwatching too!

A single row of sunflowers is a delight in my garden!  As the flowers fade and seeds form a flock of yellow canaries and some peach faced loved birds descended on the tasty seed heads. I heard them chatter, I heard their songs. They were everywhere in the garden.

Resting briefly from the sunflower buffet, this guy is among the Bird of Paradise blooms

I looked out my window and saw 7 bright yellow birds perched on the fountain edge. Then just as suddenly as they had appeared I had no pretty birds on the flowers.  Upon closer inspection of the sunflowers I discovered the spent bloom heads had been picked clean!  Still more blooms are opening daily so I will watch to see if as the next batch of blooms fades if the pretty yellow canaries return.  Bird Alert! A birder friend corrected my description of my visitors, these are lesser goldfinch not wild canaries!

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