The Blue Rose, an English Garden Mystery by Anthony Elgin.

Retired Botany Professor Lawrence Kingston  is called in to examine the authenticity of a sapphire blue rose growing in Alex & Kate’s English garden.  Then a mystery begins without the blood & gore of so many mystery tales but with intrigue surrounding the ins and out of the rose industry, including gardening practices, vividly rainy days, strong tea and beautiful gardens.  Antony Elgin is a gardener, award winning rosarian and producer of  a series of best selling garden videos. Originally from England he lives in California where his  “pint-sized garden was awarded Garden Design magazine’s Golden Trowel Award.”  His English Garden Mystery series with Dr. Lawrence Kingston sleuthing his way through the plants and plotting includes six titles, the latest, The Alcatraz Rose includes action in San Francisco.  These books are highly entertaining for a gardener as the horticulture insights are delivered along with a good story. Other titles in the series I’m eager to try include, The Water Lily Cross, Gardens of Secrets Past, The Lost Gardens, The Trail of the Wild Rose. If you are a fan of PBS’s Rosemary & Thyme mystery series you will enjoy these books. 51z89ZFL-SL._AA200_

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