Wisteria Wonder

DSCN5237It’s May in Pennsylvania, a month which bridges spring to summer. Gardens are the reflection of everyone’s hope that warmer temperatures and easier times are truly here for the season.  Life moves so quickly and a garden clearly reminds us of this.  Longwood Gardens has a wisteria garden.  I visited there on May 13 and the wisteria was glorious.  Purple and white blossoms hung in ringlets from gnarly, woody trunks.  The scent and the color was magical.  DSC_9637May 23 I returned to Longwood, and the wisteria was without color.  The magic was gone, green was the only color.  Tendrils of new growth reached out into thin air. Wisteria is a vine which can grow so vigorously with so much power it can move foundations, yet it’s beauty is so fleeting.  How is it that something can be so beautiful so briefly?  It is a flash of magic, it is a moment to be noticed and enjoyed.DSCN5225 If you have made room in your garden for wisteria you understand its incredible power to bewitch and beguile your senses.  If you haven’t experienced the brief beauty of a full bloom of wisteria it is impossible to appreciate how mystical it can be. DSCN6637 Life’s beautiful moments are brief.  Sometimes you simply stand still and enjoy the sparkle.  Don’t miss it!

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