Yellow Season

DSC_0042It is yellow season in the Desert Southwest.  It is that brief time between our short spring and very long hot summer when yellow flowering plants seem to be everywhere. No plant announces this season more beautifully than the Palo Verde tree in full bloom.   The small yellow flowers are like spring rain drops suspended in the air letting you see the spray of thousands of petals. DSC_0048 In the city the yellow trees are  scattered about, in neighborhoods one glorious tree after another is in bloom.  In the shopping and resort areas the landscape design marches them around the perimeter in symmetrical groves surrounding the architecture.DSC_0050

Driving up and out of the valley the trees parade up the hills.  When you stop and look back  from the top you look down onto a river of yellow.

DSC_6349Desert Marigolds wave in the breeze, golden fleeces hugs the ground but simply shouts its presence, yellow aloes send out their candle light bloom.  Brittle bush blooms along the highway.  Yellow season is in full bloom.

DSC_0057Yellow season has cool morning temperatures with bird songs.  The afternoons heat up and the yellow sun adds to the intensity of the blooms.  Perhaps it will last three weeks and then the blooms will begin to fade.  The spray of petals in the Palo Verdes will fall to the ground. The sun soaks up the yellow and sends it back to us all year long. It is a beautiful season in the valley of the sun.


4 thoughts on “Yellow Season”

  1. Linda, thanks for pointing out how much yellow we see everywhere right now – and the Chihuly piece was a perfect choice


  2. Beautiful – so much to brighten our days… thank you Linda for all those glorious yellow carpets and clouds of yellow glory.

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