Los Gatos, CA, The blooming town square

A town square has long been a fixture in this country.  A small open green space surrounded by the shops and offices needed for the community to function.  Many have a band stand for what was a frequent summer tradition of concerts in the park.  Nearly all of these town squares are surrounded by trees.  Certainly the story behind the selection of the tree to plant would involve meetings, community leaders, horticultural experts (likely both certified and self-identified) and the decision would not likely have been quick or easy.  What ever the process I think Los Gatos has one of the best trees.

Snow in Summer, Melaleuca linariifolia, a small showy tree from Eastern Australia lines the central area of Los Gatos.  In June the trees burst into bloom with a crown of white looking like snow covered trees.  The craggy bark reminds you of pine trees, the white puts you in the mind of a winter scene.


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