Rich wandering

Rich, wandering among the trees in Wakehurst Garden, England

Behind the beautiful garden images and half the fun of the garden visits all over the world is this guy, Rich, my husband of 45 years.  Together we are exploring the world through gardens and having an exciting time.  Our joint study of geography has reminded us of how big the world is and how easy it is to forget our country is not the center of the universe.  We’ve met wonderful people everywhere we go and experienced some “aha moments” that continue to resonate in our view of the world. 

As a result of so many garden adventures Rich has made our own garden into a work of art.  He likes to build things, he gets ideas when we travel and comes back to his workshop and begins to create.  He welds, works with wood, designs remarkable elements that makes our garden what it is today. From time to time I’ll post more of his recent work but what follows is what he has installed in our garden.

A garden faucet made from implement parts salvaged from Linda’s father’s garage
A privacy screen used to separate the garden from Rich’s workshop. He got the idea from a trip to Santa Fe
Pencil pot, made from wooden tree stakes.
Snails, Rich’s first welding project


View from our balcony, our anniversary bell
Rich created this drafting compass shape with metal poles that also fit into the custom-made gabion cubes, replacing the umbrellas. Then party lights are strung up for dinner parties
Rich & Linda

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