Te Puna Quarry Park, NZ

20161205te-puna13561Masses of people come to New Zealand to travel the trail of Hobbits and dragons.  Not I.  Arriving at Te Puna Quarry Park I had to will myself out of the car.  I’ve seen so much beautiful and so many gardens how could I be amazed again?  We set out, it was a big car park and we didn’t know which way to go. I headed to a small circle of trees with a lawn and there be a dragon! 20161205te-puna13580An enormous dragon, I walked its length and my footsteps measured 90’ long. 20161205te-puna13570He guarded the stairs, the huge head on the ground, the three-toed leg hugged the steps. 20161205te-puna13593His eyes deep and blue made in slivers of glass. This sculpture by artist Roger Bullot is made of Hinuera stone & concrete. Hinuera stone is a volcanic creation and unique to New Zealand.

20161205te-puna13584This dragon is carved in detail, the scales, the teeth, the tail all are clearly marked. His head nearly 5’ in length. So lifelike, so menacing I felt hesitant and mesmerized at the same time.

20161205te-puna13576I stayed glued to the spot, noticing the details, exploring it from above, beside, and below. Once again I was amazed by a New Zealand garden. 20161205te-puna13585

3 thoughts on “Te Puna Quarry Park, NZ”

  1. Hi Linda,
    I enjoyed the tour so much. Your photography is stellar. I almost felt as though I were standing in some of those gardens. What is a cycad house?

  2. The Dragon is beautiful. Love the eyes and three toes hugging the steps. So much detail on this massive creature. It appears he is greeting you. Very fun. The only things greeting me from my small garden are snowmen. It’s -2 here today.

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