Van Dusen Garden, BC

The Alma Van Dusen perennial garden was in full bloom this July day.

Towering Delphiniums!
Towering Delphiniums!

The bed is a large oval shape with a path meandering through it. The highlight is the delphiniums which easily grew 8’ high. An unobtrusive bamboo frame helped hold these huge stalks upright.  The flowers were in 3 shades of blue ranging from very dark to light.

DSCN6583 The levels of plant height stair stepped  down from there, sunflowers were in bud, burgundy striped leaf Cannas added great dark tones, pink, red and white cosmos daisy shape flowers swayed in the breeze, wine colored amaranths were still coming on, yellow coreopsis, all the way down to clumps of yellow & pink gazanias.

DSC_0104It was a huge planting of summer flowers, it was mid July and the flowers were truly in their full glory.  Once upon a time this spectacular planting would have served as the cutting garden for a grand home.  You could walk in with your clippers and a large open basket and gather the blooms for bouquets for the house.  The bed was bordered by a stand of deep green fir trees and chartreuse green black locust.  The entire scene invited you to stop and enjoy the view.



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