Weather is an element of gardening. The sun, temperature, and moisture are alongside us as we work to create our own piece of paradise. Late snow in Spring, a dry spell in Summer, an early frost in Fall are events that can throw us off course. A weather event, yet one we can work through.

What we are seeing now; wildfires in the West, hurricanes, and floods on the coasts, and earthquakes destroy gardens, trees, green space, wildlife and more. For some years of labor and love are lost forever.

Our gardens hold a part of our soul. We shelter under a tree planted for a newborn who arrived years ago. It and the child have grown, branched out, and influenced the world. 

There are the plants that take root in the ground and in our hearts, like the iris brought from Mother’s back door, and a butterfly bush gifted by a friend. There are the Adirondack chairs under the olive tree where many a problem was talked through. There are wind chimes carried home from a dream vacation destination, now hung outside your window tinkling in the breeze, reminding you of that precious time. The is a weathered table where barbecues, birthday cakes, and loved ones are celebrated.  All of these elements are garden treasures, none are portable in an evacuation. Our late summer weather is destroying so much; lives are lost, homes washed away, history upended and gardens ruined.  

Yet, gardens are healing places, comfortable places, and serve as our connection to the earth.  If we are lucky enough to still have our garden, stand still and  realize our good fortune. So when you next grumble as you yank a weed out of your flowers, remember all these gardeners and what they have lost. As families and communities clean up and begin again to heal may they find the will to replant.

All Gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so.


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