Once a decade the Netherlands Horticulture Council organizes an exposition celebrating the contribution horticulture makes to life.  This year’s theme is “be part of the theatre in nature: get closer to the quality of life.” The event is equal to a World’s Fair of outdoor delights, nature, food production and beauty.  Participants from around the world showcase their garden style, their horticultural production, the natural beauty of their part of the planet.

The Netherlands is a small country but it holds a significant place in the world of horticulture.  Since the 1500’s their explorers circled the world to find the unique plants, and flowers bringing them home to the first botanical garden in Leiden.  Today the Netherlands leads the world in floral development.  From computerized grading and sorting of blooms, to x-ray evaluation detailing the age and quality of the bloom to the market auction and around the world delivery of fresh flowers. Holland knows flowers.

This exposition highlights the contributions of growers and all related workers in the field and from all around the world.  Here, the Bulgarian production of rose oil, brandy, cream, jam is highlighted.  Exquisite wood flooring and siding from Estonia are showcased.  India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ceylon and more share their gardens styles, their crops and their culture.

The exposition features five themed worlds.  Horticulture makes it possible for us to Relax & Heal, Educate & Innovate, Green Engine power, shape our Environment and the be amazed at a  World show stage.

This six month celebration emphasizes theatre and the arts on its‘ outdoor stage.  Performances from around the world are showcased.  In addition there are performances throughout the park.  The stilt walkers gracefully dance among the flowers.


The Green Engine highlights the beauty of flowers, their variety, the contribution to the special moments of our lives.  Floral design, orchids, and a spectacle of flowers surprises you at every turn.


The Environment features a lane of garden cultures, highlighting model garden styles and inspiration.  A walk through here makes a gardener want to start over and create an entirely new garden outside their back door.


Education and Innovation feature new and improved products from forests, to sprouts, to packaging and distribution of fresh vegetables.  Greenhouse production, hydroponic growing and fewer pesticides are all part of the highlights in this area.  There is nothing like a claim of improved taste than the samples of tomatoes, beet sprouts and cheese.

The Relax & Heal world highlights the ability of nature to soothe our stresses, nurture our spirit and modulate the ups and downs of life.  Zen, Spa, Chi, and green illustrate the value of having a bit of nature in the workplace, the home and the community.


Then there are the spring flowering bulbs, the icon of the history of the Netherlands.  Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, amaryllis and more, in color combinations of all types.

Beauty in every style by the magic and variety of nature.

We spent two full days here, there is 163 acres of exhibition space, there is so much more to this event.  It was a true thrill to visit it and see this exposition.  It would be fun to sit here and talk about it for a while.

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  1. Nothing more glorious and intoxicating than immersing oneself in seeing and smelling Mother Nature–flowers and fauna in their most exquisite displays at the Floriade!!
    Thank you so much for sharing – you never disappoint, but elevate and delight!

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