A sunny day in Kuekenhof

We had the great delight of visiting Keukenhof Gardens on a perfect spring day.  Together we shot 903 photos. We were overwhelmed by the beauty in every direction.  Here are a few of the beautiful scenes.

I’ve looked at tulip/bulb catalogs over and over trying to decide which to plant.  Here they were all blooming.

I realize it is all a fantasy, like Cinderella, Tinkerbell, and Prince Charming, but here “I believe, I believe”

You try to plant a perfect garden, with an ideal color scheme, but what is ideal?

A ruffle here, a frill, and suddenly, sleek lines are forgotten.  Parrot tulips seduce you.

Grass is green, it is the perfect background for color, pattern and the blue of water.

We were here when it opened at 10 am, we left at 6:30.  We are happy.

Which one is the best?  Which is the favorite?  The one you are looking at now.

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