Sunday Afternoon in Vondelpark, Amsterdam

An April day when the temperature doesn’t rise above 50 degrees and the sun slips behind the clouds every few minutes doesn’t sound like a perfect day in the park.  Yet in Amsterdam the park is alive with families, lovers, friends.  They walk, their dogs freely trot alongside. They ride the most amazing bicycles bringing the children with them. There are at least three seats on a single bicycle.

Some have a long bucket in front that holds children, toys, and shopping. One family is doing  barbecue with burgers and beer.  I’m cold, really cold but the Amsterdam winter past was fiercely cold and this is a beautiful spring day for the locals.  They are quite happy in this beautiful city park.

This city known for its’ museums full of masterpiece paintings has a masterpiece of a city park.  Ponds, concert space, playgrounds, cafes and beautiful trees.  This park is loved.

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