Grenada, Island of Spice

A strand of spice, red mace over nutmeg seed, ginger root, turmeric root, green bay leaf, cinnamon bark, cloves & small shells for decoration

This small country seasons the world with nutmeg (20% of the world’s supply), mace, cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, bay leaf, and cacao. This agricultural output rightly gives the country the spice isle title. It is also a land of rich volcanic soil. The weather here is 78 degrees and sunny, rainy spells, averaging 218 rainy days. The island is humid but balmy sweet breezes keep the temperature bearable.  Grenada sits at the end of the hurricane range but Hurricane Ivan hit in September 2004 damaging 90% of the homes and killing 39 people.  Before that damage was fully repaired Hurricane Emily hit in July 2005. The damage can still be seen today with stacks of pulverized cars and trucks sitting around the island. What do you do with the trash when it comes in such enormous amounts? The vegetation helps some since Pink Coral vines grow wild here and cover some of the junk.

Nutmeg fruit w/ mace covering nutmeg seed

Here is an agricultural mecca with great importance, they make our life sweeter with spices, cacao, and some rum. Tourism is now a significant part of the economy. Tourism gives some economic benefits yet also takes away from the local cultural life.

Ginger bloom, the roots are used for seasoning

This small island country grows some of the best examples of tropical flowers, plumeria, African tulip tree, cannas, bougainvillea, hibiscus adding the perfect spots of color against the blue water and sky.


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  1. I left Grenada 51 years ago, and knew it was a beautiful island, but never had the opportunity to tour the country and see the real beauty of this Caribbean island. I didn’t know that ginger root have such beautiful blossom. Thank you

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