Pottery in the Garden

Water is essential for life; on two different occasions, once in May the other in August,  I’ve found in my garden two perfectly formed tiny mud pots. These were made by a 1/2” long Microdynerus arenicolus, or the Antioch Potter Wasp. A potter’s wasp  will lay its eggs inside. The female wasp gets a MOUTHFUL of water, finds some soil to mix in her mouth and builds the pot from the bottom up one mouthful at a time. Can you imagine the size of a wasp’s mouth? This variety of wasp is found in the southwest,  

Nature is amazing. Water is life.

One thought on “Pottery in the Garden”

  1. Linda, I’ve never seen these. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing these kinds of observations in addition to the globe trotting garden hopping wonders.

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