Puzzled About Pumpkins

I’m puzzled about pumpkins. The USA seems to have a limited view of the pumpkin. Pumpkins appear only in October. It is spiced into coffee, but there is no color of it there. It is grown in competition to find the largest one possible. It is smashed for amusement. It is carved in all forms, some simple, some like a work of grand art. It is made into a vase for a floral design where it lasts less time than the flowers. Pumpkins are placed inline forming great trails or stacked like a waterfall. 

Then Nov 1, the pumpkins are tossed aside. Pie made for thanksgiving is from a can —  made from yams. Same with a loaf of sweet pumpkin bread. Pumpkins are a food, squirrels, moose, and javelina know this. Other countries, like New Zealand, Australia, Africa, France, it is on the menu chunked in with mixed vegetables, as a sauce over pasta, as a side dish for a filet. It is in soup, stews and savory bread. Why do we not eat pumpkin? You cut it up like any squash, you can roast it, steam it, season it and serve. I’m puzzled about pumpkins.

8 thoughts on “Puzzled About Pumpkins”

  1. I love pumpkin any time of the year. It is the only pie I make several times a year with homemade whipped Cream. Although I admit that I use canned pumpkin. As a kid in country side NY we cut pieces to put out for the squirrels in winter – before Climate Change changed winter in snow belt NY.

  2. We grow pumpkins fo Halloween and this year I was thinking of freezing some pureed pumpkin for baking until I read that they have to be a certain type of pumpkin like a sugar one. Mine are definitely not.
    You can still use them but the flesh of thinner, they are very watery and have a bland taste. Too bad.

    1. Birds and other animals gobble them up, squirrels, javelina, porcupine. . .but then those critters gobble up gardens!

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