Risco Bella Gardens

Love and passion make a powerful combination.  A Belgium man deeply in love with his wife and passionate about gardening built a five level garden encompassing eight acres on the island of Tenerife as a gift to his wife.  Nearly 40 years ago, in the early 70’s both he and his beloved wife had died and this incredible garden was left in the care of their two daughters.

Today the daughters are well into their 70’s.  They work daily in the garden plus employ two fulltime gardeners and open the garden to the public.  There is a beautiful old home on the property, a proper bar and tea room, and then there is the garden.  The one sister greets the guests and offers to tell you the name both common and scientific of any plant.  She speaks Spanish, English, and perfect Latin, likely more languages as well.  I have no additional information on this garden except what our guide told us. Our photos help tell some of the story.


The garden looks over a bay and the house is set on the upper portion of the property.  Working down the hill the husband built rock path ways, a grotto of stone, ponds for fish and water lilies.  There is a Chinese garden with bamboo, a red bridge and bench.  There is a black swan swimming protectively in his own lake.


There is a grand display of terra cotta pots. The pots are massive in size and are placed to spill water into the pond below.  The pumps aren’t running now but the effect must have been sensational when it did.

One can only hope the garden will continue when the sisters are no longer able to care for it.  Gardens are ephemeral things and always require love and passion.


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